Oil of Oregano

September 14, 2019

May experienced clinicians recommend use of enteric-coated oil of oregano supplement capsules do the risk of receiving larynx, esophageal, and stomach burns due to the purported caustic properties of the … LEARN MORE – —>

One Physicians Recommendations to Stay Healthy

June 15, 2017

Act as if you are in the service. Eat three meals a day at the same time every day. Pay for your food by drinking a glass of water before … LEARN MORE – —>


January 25, 2015

Onion has been used as a medicinal for centuries and was a favorite of the famous 11th century practitioner Hildegard of Bingen. References University of Arizona Integrative Medicine Fellowship course … LEARN MORE – —>


May 23, 2022

In Lyme disease, many clinicians talk about OpsA (outside protein A.) However, this is not expressed in the relapsing fevers caused by Borrelia spirochetes. The oligoclonal clonal bands for OpsA … LEARN MORE – —>

Ozone and the Fetus

December 30, 2014

Many Lyme patients use ozone therapy in attempt to treat their Lyme disease. Although this is commonly done, there are no randomized, double-blinded studies that support the use of ozone … LEARN MORE – —>