Oil of Oregano

September 14, 2019

May experienced clinicians recommend use of enteric-coated oil of oregano supplement capsules do the risk of receiving larynx, esophageal, and stomach burns due to the purported caustic properties of the … LEARN MORE – —>

One Physicians Recommendations to Stay Healthy

June 15, 2017

Act as if you are in the service. Eat three meals a day at the same time every day. Pay for your food by drinking a glass of water before … LEARN MORE – —>


January 25, 2015

Onion has been used as a medicinal for centuries and was a favorite of the famous 11th century practitioner Hildegard of Bingen. References University of Arizona Integrative Medicine Fellowship course … LEARN MORE – —>

Ozone and the Fetus

December 30, 2014

Many Lyme patients use ozone therapy in attempt to treat their Lyme disease. Although this is commonly done, there are no randomized, double-blinded studies that support the use of ozone … LEARN MORE – —>