Zhao Liping Diet

January 28, 2015

Zhao Liping is a PhD microbiologist from China who has recounted his personal microbiome story for the mainstream Western press. As he was finishing his PhD and starting his family … LEARN MORE – —>


January 26, 2015

Functions in brain chemistry as anti-inflammatory and reduces immunoexcitotoxicity. Some clinicians maintain that zinc deficiency is universal in patients with mast cell activation disease and supplementing this mineral and lessen … LEARN MORE – —>


October 29, 2015

ZRTlab is a CLIA-certified lab that is used by some patients with Lyme disease for testing, frequently for evaluation of iodine levels. Unlike the traditional 24 hour urine collection test … LEARN MORE – —>


October 29, 2015

ZRTlab.com is the website for ZRTLaboratory that offers miminally invasive hormone testing that maybe ordered by patients for themselves without a prescription.