October 8, 2018

Eleutherococcus (Siberian ginseng) is commonly taken by patients with Lyme disease and coinfections as an adrenal adaptogen. There are several studies of varying rigor published that show it can reduce fatigue.

In addition, it reportedly decreases levels of nitric oxide and that large doses facilitates oxygen uptake.

There are several published reports that use also has a beneficial effect on memory via it’s effects on the hippocampus, particularly when taken with adrenal adaptogens rhodiola and schisandra.

From a Chinese medicine viewpoint, eleutherococcus tonifies qi.

Eleutherococcus  has been used for hundreds of years and is widely available and inexpensive via online purchase. Some patients take it in tea form, such as Infuse Your Mood tea from Sun.

No herbal supplelment should be taken unless under the care of a physician.


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