Coratina Olive Oil

February 3, 2024

Popular type of olive oil in the Lyme patient community due to the very high polyphenol component. Coratina olive trees are native to the Tuscany area of Italy and are commonly grown in the US on the central coastal areas of California. Coratina olive oil has a long shelf life.

Olives from the Coratina trees produce a peppery finishing kick and is considered a full-bodied olive oil that is excellent for cooking, as a component for gravies and heavier, more robust salads.

Like all other¬† olive oils, Coratina type oils should be packaged and purchased in glass bottles (never plastic) and can be taken every day if approved by a physician as appropriate for the patient’s nutritional needs.

In the US, Coratina  olive oil can be purchases through the Marcum olive oil farm, a boutique provider located in California that ships throughout the continental US.