• Extremely Helpful Site

    This site is extremely helpful to those who are’t interested in confusing opinions from opposing “sides” in the Lyme world, but rather clear, concise information, from Western medical to alternative.  Lyme Pedia.com is full of information that can be used to help make those tough decisions just a little bit easier.
    Amy B. Scher, author, energy therapist, and former Lyme patient
  • Recommending to Patients

    LymePedia is an in depth resource written and reviewed by physicians who want to educate themselves about what Lyme disease is and what treatments are available for it.The authors have spent countless hours researching and reviewing articles and information for inclusion on the website. It is a “one-stop” website for learning about Lyme disease and various treatments for it, including homeopathic/alternative treatments as well as mainstream medicine. We have mentioned LymePedia to our patients who want to learn more about treatments for Lyme and are taking responsibility for their own recovery.

    Connie Lombard, RN
    Lombard Hyperbaric Center
    Columbia, PA
  • Terrific Site

    Great site. I have used acupuncture and acupressure info posted on LymePedia to help treat my wife’s migraines and some other chronic issues. I will be following along every month to see what other tips and nuggets are posted. For ten bucks this is a steal.
    Pat S.
    Silver Spring, Maryland