March 19, 2014

Lecithin has been widely available as a supplement for decades. It is taken by many Lyme patients as a source of phosphotidylcholine, which is a key ingredient of all cell membranes.

Some experienced Lyme clinicians recommend a non-soy based lecithin, particularly in patients who have shown a genetic profile that indicates some difficulty in estrogen metabolism.

Lekithos, Inc is a source some patients use for sunflower-based lecithin. The website is mysunflowerlecithin.com. One product commonly purchased is the 100% Natural Sunflower Lecithin capsules, which the manufacturer claims uses no hexane or acetone solvent and avoids gelatin in the capsule.

Practitioners also point out to patients that sunflower oil is an Omega-6 oil. They argue that the lecithin component is not an omega-6 oil so that it is important to obtain a supplement that is as close to pure lecithin as possible.


Blaylock Wellness Letter, July 2013