Eyesight and Wellbeing

August 22, 2022

Some patients have reported a connection between increased eye health and overall feelings of improved energy and focus. Strategies that patients report anecdotally to be benefit include limiting computer and screen time to decrease retina strain from blue light, practicing the eye mudras daily, and improving light entering the eye and reaching the retina by increasing ambient light. One patient reported increased energy and focus after using a headlamp to illuminate their field of view.

There are no scientific data to support any of the above strategies. One theoretical underpinning for this eye health and increased sense of well-being is based on the single meridian that controls eye health and liver health. The idea here is that by off loading stress and strain on the eye by providing ample light hitting the retina, the liver is then under less qi blockage and can more easily perform the synthesis and detox functions.

Despite the patient reports, very few if any allopathic doctors would recommend these strategies.


Private communication from Lyme physician to editor.